Afghan politicians abroad want to talk with Islamic Emirate: Omari

KABUL (TOLOnews): Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad Nabi Omari said that some Afghan political leaders want to talk with the Islamic Emirate but “there is no issue” which needs to be discussed.

Speaking at a ceremony to introduce the Paktia governor, he said that the Islamic Emirate has established its government and will not debate democracy. “What will the agenda of the meeting be? The egregious democracy, which did not cause any result over the past 20 years — if this would be the agenda of the negotiations, the Mujahideen and Taliban have made sacrifices to deny it and they were ready to do so for another 100 years,” Omari said.

The tribal elders in Paktia meanwhile stressed the need for an end to conflicts in the country and called on the political leaders abroad to return. They also urged the Islamic Emirate to respect the rights of the citizens. “They can freely come here and live in trust here and continue their life under the Islamic government,” said Mohammad Anwar Sediqqi, a tribal elder in Paktia.

“We call on all of the Afghans, who are our brothers, to return and we welcome them. The Islamic Emirate should pay attention to them and take care of them,” said Haji Mamor, a tribal elder in Paktia. After the Islamic Emirate came to power, many Afghan politicians left the country. They stressed the need for intra-Afghan negotiations.