ANP expresses concern over death of innocents due to oxygen in LRH

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Provincial General Secretary Awami National Party, Sardar Hussain Babak has expressed grief and concern over the disappearance and targeting of children in the province demanding government to secure the lives of people and property.

In a statement issued here Wednesday, he said that provincial government should abstain from politics of tirade and besmirching and focus energies to secure lives and property of people living in KP. He said that those who are propagating Kasur incident for their political objectives have turned a blind eye to the killing of girl in their own province. He said it is shameful that provincial government is failed to take any action over the incident despite the appearance of media reports regarding the brutal incident.

Babak said that incidents of molestation, disappearance and kidnapping were a matter of serious concern adding government should take measure against happening of these incidents in future.

He demanded arrest and exemplary punishment to perpetrators of these brutal incidents.

Meanwhile, Provincial Information Secretary of ANP Haroon Bashir Bilour has expressed grief and sorrow over the death of eight children due to lack of oxygen in Lady Reading Hospital (LRH).

He said that the killing has revealed the performance of provincial government who is vociferously advertising its reform in health sector to mislead people.

He said that PTI government should review its policies and take measure to protect the lives and properties of people in KP. He also demanded authorities to ensure the provision of oxygen in LRH at the earliest.