‘Baba-e-Pakhtu’ published

Rizwan Ullah

PESHAWAR: Another book of Syed Sabir Shah Sabir (Bacha Gee) has been published by Wazir Muhammad Gul Khan Pashtu Academy under the title of ‘Baba-e-Pakhtu’ and the book is written on the works of former Afghan Interior Minister Late Wazir Muhammad Gul Khan, who was also served as governor in various provinces of Afghanistan.

The forewords of the book were written by different Afghan intellectuals including Nazir Ahmad Khan Mohmand, Late Sadiqullah Khan Restheen, Ihtisham Momand and Abdullah Khidmatgar. The book included achievements, works and life of former Afghan Governor Late Wazir Muhammad Gul Khan.

The inaugural ceremony of the ‘Baba-e-Pakhtu’ book shall be held at Peshawar as well as in Kabul city. This was announced by Director Wazir Muhammad Gul Khan Pashtu Academy Nazir Ahmad Khan Mohmand that ceremony shall be held at both historical cities respectively.