Defense forces to get uniforms soon: Spokesman

KABUL (TOLONews): A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense (MoD), Enayatullah Khwarazimi, said that new uniforms will be made for the defense forces in the near future.
Khwarazimi said that the process of uniform distribution to the forces will be kicked off after their production is completed.
“The formation of the troops is a long process. We have in mind to prepare a new uniform for our troops and military personnel,” he said. This comes as some military analysts called uniforms a serious need for the forces. “The uniform is in fact the identity of the military personnel. It means it is a trust or an assurance for the civilians to know that these people are in the service of security,” said Asadullah Nadim, military veteran. Some residents of Kabul said that the lack of a particular uniform of the defense forces causes insecurity in the city.
“To rescue people from the fake people (who misuse the title of defense forces), there is a need for a (particular) uniform,” said Imran Alokozai, Kabul resident. “The uniform of police forces and security forces have not been prepared yet. It is needed that we know which one is the army forces, and which one is the police forces,” said Ghulam Hassan Mohammadi, a Kabul resident. Within the past 18 months, some military personnel of various units have been provided with particular uniforms.