Fake currency note are in circulation

Sabir Shah Hoti

PESHAWAR: On the approach of Eid-ul-Fitr People particularly of the metropolitan should be careful while dealing currency notes of Rs1000 and 500 as a large number of fake currency has found its way into the local market.

Various incidents of swindling the citizens out of their money took place almost every day in Peshawar. People working in banks, restaurants, shops, pilling station and markets have to face a lot of problems.

There fear that a large number of fake currency notes are in circulation in the country.

Last night in one such incident at a shoe store on saddar road, Peshawar, a fake note of Rs1000 was received.

During the last days of Ramzan, but due to extraordinary rush the culprit could not be nabbed.

According to the statement of Sajid Khan, an employee of the said shop, the fake currency note was given to him by an unidentified person during Eid shopping. As there were a lot of customers present in the shop at that time, therefore, the staff was unable to notice the fake currency note.

Later when the money was deposited in a local bank the fake currency note was identified and returned to the shop. The employee faced embarrassment and the lose was made up from their salaries.

This scribe himself once had been faced lose off money when found himself in a strange situation as on the ATM withdrawn received a fake currency note of RS1000 and after all the bank officials were not accepting a blunder committed at their end.

The rough surface around the watermark of the Quad-i-Azam was the main difference. In the real note it was rough, whereas in the fake one it was smooth. The picture of the Quaid in the real note was a little higher than one in the fake note. The transparent words of “State Bank of Pakistan” visible only in light were also missing in the fake note.