Female students reiterate call to reopen schools for girls beyond grade 6

KABUL (Agencies): After 660 days since the closure of schools for girls from grade 7 to 12, female students reiterated their request for the Islamic Emirate to reopen their schools. The students said that they are facing an uncertain future.
“We are sad that the schools will be reopened. When we don’t go to school we remain backward,” said Zahra, a student. “We should together, men and women, improve and take Afghanistan to a position, so that everyone can see us as capable,” said Fareshta, a student.
The Islamic Emirate’s policies of restricting women from public life, including from education and work, have sparked reactions at international levels. “If this process continues it will cause Afghanistan to go backward and towards less development and a period like the middle ages will come into effect,” said Almatab Rasuli, a women’s rights activist.
Speaking to CNN, Malala Yousfzai, a female education activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, said that Afghanistan will not have a future if women are kept away from their work and are limited to their houses.
“It has been up to two years now–this year–that girl’s education has been banned, women cannot go to universities anymore, women are banned from work as well. It is just the fundamental right of education is taken away and they are adding more to it like including the salons and other things as well,” she said.