Girls in Balkh call for reopening of schools

Balkh (TOLONews): Girls in the northern province of Balkh once again called on the Islamic Emirate to reopen their schools. They expressed concern, saying that they are facing an uncertain future. “We call on the government to allow us to go to our schools,” said Naznin, a student. “We call on the Islamic Emirate to reopen the doors of the schools for all girls and to allow us to continue our education as in other countries,” said Tania, a student.
Muniza, a student of grade 12, said that she dreamed of reopening schools but her wish has yet to be fulfilled.
“I was happy prior to the new (solar) year that I would be able to learn in the new educational year, but, unfortunately, the doors of the schools remain closed,” she said.
This comes as the deputy governor of Balkh province, Noorulhadi Abu Idris, said that they are waiting for the reopening of girls schools.
“The Islamic Emirate has been making efforts in this regard.
Whenever our leaders make the decision in this regard, we will inform you then,” he said.
Meanwhile, women’s rights activist said that the closing of girls’ schools is not benefiting the country.
“We can say that in having half of the society be uneducated, women will face an uncertain future and the Islamic Emirate will also not have a good future,” said Tafseer Sia Posh, a women’s rights activist.
“Today, the girls and women of Afghanistan are deprived of their fundamental rights and their rights should be provided based on Islamic laws,” said Suraya Paikan, a women’s rights activist.
Acting Minister of Education, Sayed Habibullah Agha, on a visit to Panjshir said that the conditions for the reopening of schools for girls above grade six have yet to become suitable.