Govt stressed to raise issues of Pakistanis working in Gulf

F.P. Report         

PESHAWAR: The Awami Worker Party has urged federal government to take notice of the grievances of the Pakistani workers in the Gulf countries and immediate repatriation of imprisoned Pakistanis workers kept in different prisons over petty issues in gulf countries.

President Awami Worker Party Fanoos Gujjar while speaking at a news conference at Peshawar press club asked the federal government to take notice of the growing discriminatory treatment of gulf countries towards Pakistani labor and stressed the needs for raising the issue in intergovernmental meetings (with gulf countries), as the frequent incidence of captivity of Pakistani low skilled workers by the gulf countries police over minute issues stir discriminatory whims.

He said that overseas Pakistanis working in gulf countries are real assets of Pakistan, according to the Pakistan institute of development economics statistics overseas Pakistanis have sent twenty two billion dollars to Pakistan in 2015 in terms of foreign remittances wherein 50 percent of the foreign remittances alone came from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirate.

He maintained that low skilled Pakistani labor are facing multifaceted problems in gulf countries ranging from Illegal captivity, low wages, slave- like treatment under Kafala system, and visa and immigration problem.

Meanwhile he demanded compensation for the affectees of 1991-92 gulf war, saying that he informed that affectees of Sindh and Punjab province have gotten their provision of aids while the KP province still awaits his provision of aids.

Flanked by Deputy Secretary General AWP Asma Jehan, Khan Bahadir, Ghulam Shah and other party workers he said that his party has always represented the lower strata of the society and will continue to serve the poor class while the party doors are closed on opulent class.

Referring to the party stand on overseas Pakistanis he said that his party fully supports the claim of gulf war affectees and will voice the issue in every available platform, saying that he announced he will constitute a committee under the mentor ship of Asma Jahan who will examine the grievances of Pakistani workers in gulf countries and gulf war 1991-92 affectees demands.