Govt urged to ensure release of missing former BBC cameraman

KABUL (Pajhwok): Former missing BBC cameraman’s friends John Simpson and David Loyn have urged acting Afghan government in Afghanistan to ensure their friend’s release. Mr Simpson, the BBC’s world affairs editor, said: ‘Conditions are bad. It’s bitterly cold, and all they have to eat each day is a bowl of rice, occasionally garnished with beans.
‘He has no access to the medicine he needs for high blood pressure.’ Mr Jouvenal has worked and travelled in A ghanistan for more than 40 years, is married to an Afghan woman and they have three children David Loyn, another friend of Peter Jouvenal’s said they were deeply concerned for his safety following his detention by the authorities in Afghanistan in early December. He is a Muslim, knows Afghanistan better than most foreigners, is married to an Afghan (they have three daughters), and speaks both main languages. He is being held without charge, and with no freedom to contact his family or lawyers.
Peter’s family and friends believe that he may have been detained in error, as he was in Afghanistan to discuss investments in Afghanistan’s mining industry as well as conducting family business. Before his arrest he was working openly and had frequent meetings with senior
Taliban officials. “We urgently request that the Afghan authorities release Peter. He suffers from high blood pressure and needs medication. There is a high threat of COVID infection in the Afghan prison system.” “We are grateful for efforts made by the British Foreign Office, who have been working hard to secure his release. We urge the UN, ICRC and Red Crescent also to do everything in their power to end Peter’s ordeal.”