IEA committed to ensure women rights

KABUL (Agencies): Acting Minister of Higher Education Neda Mohammad Nadim says securing the rights of women and girls, especially their right to education, is one of the obligations of the Islamic Emirate, but it takes time to provide educational grounds based on Islamic Sharia. Speaking in an interview with state TV-RTA, Nadim said that they will not make decisions contrary to Islamic Sharia and will not obey foreign orders. According to Nadim, there are currently about 500,000 students enrolled at universities in Afghanistan, and that almost 450 professors have returned to the country. He stated that the curriculum of many fields has been revised and efforts are underway to standardize the country’s education system. He added that they intend to invite professors from the region and neighboring countries to teach at the country’s universities. He, however, said that Afghan students in India are facing problems and the efforts are ongoing to resolve these problems by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.