IHC permits CDA for anti-encroachment drive alongside nullah

ISLAMABAD (APP): Islamabad High Court (IHC) Wednesday sought survey report from the commission till September 22, regarding the slum areas in the federal capital.
The court had instructed to form a commission comprising the representatives of attorney general and am-icus curiae about the matter.
The Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Athar Minallah, hearing the case, also granted permission to Capital Development Auth-ority (CDA) to conduct an-ti-encroachment operation alongside nullah in capital.
The court said there were safety threats to the residents living around the nullah.
The chief justice remarked that who would be responsible if there was flood situation there.
The Capital Development Authority lawyer said many people were also residing alongside Korang Nullah.
The armed people appeared to resist whenever the enforcement wing decided to launch operation there.
The chief justice observ-ed that if the system was running in correct way then no encroachment could be developed in the city.
The flood came in Sector E-11 due to the encroachment around nullah, he said.
The chief justice said the Capital Development Auth-ority was supposed to ensure no encroachment in 1,400 squire miles area of capital.
How the rule of law could be ensured in capital, he inquired adding all institutions were working only to facilitate the elite class.
There were two rules in capital which was a failure of system, he added.
The chief justice remarked that the responsibility of the constitutional institutions was to protect the basic rights of weak sections of the society.
If the court order dated 2017 was implemented the-n the no flood could come in Sector E-11, Justice Mi-nallah said adding who was the responsible for the illegality.
The chief justice asked that how many people were residing in ten slum areas and whether they were given allotment letters.
The Islamabad High Court bench adjourned further hearing in the case till September 22.