IIOJK: Hub of India’s sponsored terrorism and HR abuses

Yusuf Zaman

Kashmir has been the high voltage issue of the World for over 7 decades. Year after year our Kashmiri brothers confront with disappointment. India is all set on altering the demography of this disputed territory while the so called free world is in deep slumber. Today marks the completion of Two years in Indian cage as it is 5th August again and the soul wrenching reticence on the Kashmir Issue subsists with no signs of a better tomorrow.

After over seven decades, the transparent and impartial plebiscite promised to Kashmiris by the UNSC’s 47th Resolution is still a pipe dream. Their pathway to freedom is flooded with fascist Indian policies fueled by Hindu Supremacist ideologies and fanned by the blind eye of the inhumane World. The World peace forum unanimously passed its 47th Resolution pledging a plebiscite for Kashmiris to choose their fate. This was followed by 15 more resolutions till 1957, all reinforcing the Kashmiri right to self-determination. The futile efforts of UN in resolving this burning issue reflects the failure of its mandate and also places a question mark on the purpose of its existence. While accepting accession of Kashmir, Lord Mountbatten had made it absolutely clear that the State would only be incorporated into the Indian Union after a reference had been made to the Kashmiris to decide their fate. Having accepted the principles of plebiscite herself in UNSC, India has since obstructed all attempts of holding said plebiscite. Consequently, Kashmiris have endured gruesome times but still stand strong. The issue is still pending because of the Zionist mindset of Indian Governments coming after Nehru. Presently, India is under fascist Modi who represents fanatic Hindutva / RSS ideology.
On 5th August 2019, the Hindutva fueled Modi, in order to appease its fascist makeup and support base, amended India’s Constitution to signify the burial of once secular India. This day marks the revocation of Article 370 that granted special status to Kashmir and revocation of Article 35A allowing demographic changes in IIOJK. These revocations fly directly in the face of UN and so called free world. These heinous intentions of Modi are a carbon copy of Israel’s treatment of Palestine. Both India and Israel are proving to be inhumane and fascist states radiating threats within and outside.
Two years have elapsed since India’s latest incursion on IIOJK. Two years of savagery, ruthlessness and dichotomy have left the valley in shambles. Why is India allowed to lay siege on a disputed territory? M.K Gandhi himself endorsed a referendum empowering Kashmiris to decide their future. Gandhi said,” The people of Kashmir should be asked whether they want to join Pakistan or India. Let them do what they want. The ruler is nothing. People are everything.” Why has India gone from secularism to zeolotism? The silence of the world leaders on this subject is not only questionable but shameful. Are India’s capitalistic opportunities the reason for this silence? OR is the world quiet because the people are Muslims? Countries have been blinded by India’s economic potential. Dollar over humanity seems to be entrenched in the minds of World leaders. In the power contestation, India has more appeal towards US and western capitals. This appeal is getting stronger once seen in the evolving geo-strategic environment in the region. Chinese rise in our neighborhood further enhances India’s place in the mosaic of US led west. Unfortunately, due to said vested interests of world powers, poor Kashmiris are being subjected to Indian State sponsored terrorism and war crimes like demographic changes that are violation of International Laws. This reflects the hypocrisy of so called World powers which give precedence to vested interests over humanity. The silence of the Muslim Ummah is also perturbing. India’s potential in the economic domain has piped down any opposition against its fascist endeavors. Kashmir has been under beleaguerment for almost 2 years. Prolonged tranquility and blindness to the matter will have colossal repercussions for the Muslim world.
Given the situation on ground and the indigenous freedom struggle in IIOJK, the only solution lies in holding a free and transparent plebiscite allowing Kashmiris on both sides to decide their fate and destiny. Any maneuvering to impede or tailor any solution for appeasement of any side would further fan the flames. There is a dire need to stand tall and make an effort to aid Kashmiris in pursuit of their pledged right to self-determination.
I propose a comprehensive EIGHT Strands Strategy. Firstly the Political Strand must be on the lead to take the issue to the political elites of dominating capitals. Political prong must float narratives to convince their political counterparts that humanity is sacred than trade and vested interests. Diplomatic Strand must make optimum use of its missions abroad to enhance understanding of their host capitals and their intelligentsia about Kashmiris’ struggle for right to self-determination pledged by UNSC Resolutions. They be apprised with HR abuses being inflicted on Kashmiris by fascist Modi led Hindu government. This prong must take the issue repeatedly to UNSC, EU, OIC, G 20 and other world forums. Own allies must be optimally used to beef up the efforts. Moral Strand must be good enough to reflect and convince the Kashmiris that they are not alone in their just cause. Pakistani nation stands shoulder to shoulder in their struggle for their rightful self-determination. This will keep the caged Kashmiris in IIOJK in high spirits. Lawfare Strand must focus on highlighting unending violations of international law as regards to impeding execution of UNSC Resolutions, India’s attempt to change the demography of Kashmir and state sponsored HR abuses. Diaspora Strand must be articulated and patronaged by political and diplomatic elites to enhance understanding of Kashmir issue and inhumane treatment meted out to innocent Kashmiris in IIOJK who are engaged in pursuit of their granted right of plebiscite by UNSC. Soft Power Strand must make inroads in the masses of foreign capitals through application of soft power tools. Thereon it must highlight the IIOJK as bleeding wound struggling for solution. The masses to masses interaction would allow enough opportunities to influence their political elite by raising their political cost in the long run. Media Strand must play its part in exposing the Indian state sponsored terrorism which is reflective of India’s fascist approach. The hardships being endured by the Kashmiris should be projected to tell the masses in powerful capitals that Kashmir is a bleeding wound awaiting their humane approach. The media prong once optimally utilized will mount political pressure on elite of powerful capitals. Lastly, Military cum Intelligence Strand to undertake maneuvers to convince their military and intelligence counterparts especially in dominating western capitals that Kashmir remains a nuclear flashpoint with consequences beyond borders and continents. This strand must convince their “Deep States” to play their part in shaking sleepy conscious of their ruling elite.
The time is fast running. Indian atrocities and HR abuses in IIOJK are burgeoning. Costs are skyrocketing. The issue is turning into a bomb which can detonate anytime with uncontrollable consequences. World must act fast yes fast.