IMU collects data of 800 schools: DMO

A.R. Abid Bunery

BUNER: The District Monitoring Officer (DMO) of the Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU ) on education Bashir Ahmed has claimed the well qualified and competent staff of independent monitoring unit have completed their rounds of each month visits to all 800 schools of the district.

The IMU collected data regarding staff, infrastructure, facilities and utilization of parents teachers council (PTC) funds analyzed for decisions in the district steering committee following that IMU Buner in the last two month has removed 11 teachers from service who were habitually absent, cancelled contract of seven NTS teachers, suspended 12 teachers and issued show causes to 84 others who were reported to show carelessness in their duties.

He added that pay has been stopped of eight teachers, increment of two others has been stopped and explanations have been called from scores of teachers. Besides these, recovery of more than two million have been made from some staff who did embezzlement, showed carelessness in utilization of PTC funds or did not performed duty for long.

He also acknowledged the cooperation of district education officers (DEOs) male and female in taking these actions. The DMO explained the IMU is an organization working under Elementary and Secondary Education Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and purpose of IMU is to monitor school and bring improvement in infrastructure, facilities, staff and enrolment and enhance the education service delivery in schools in the province.

He added that score of other termination cases of absent teachers and misappropriation are under process but they will be notified after inquiries are completed and verified. The DMO continued besides routine monitoring, IMU is also assigned special tasks, included bringing awareness in masses by engaging teachers and registration of teachers in KP Citizen Portal App which is an android app developed by Government to lodge complaints and give suggestions to Government online, without visiting offices.

The data had a record authenticity of up to 99%. Upon this data releases were made to schools for development of facilities and infrastructure by the KP government. He was happy over that government has got so much confidence in IMU that the school census activity (SCA) has also been assigned to it. He elaborated the purpose of SCA is to collect detailed information about students (including their age, language, citizenship), teachers (their qualifications, transfers record and personal bio data), building infrastructure, basic facilities (including water, electricity, Washrooms etc) and other commodities.

The DMO was proud that IMU was going to bring further reforms in future in Education Sector in Province. He shared some of the targets lying ahead may include improving quality of education, Universal primary education, Gender Equality at all education levels and Improved Educational Attainment by strengthening teaching-learning quality.


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