IRA Peace Negotiator Fatima Gailani Attends Online Discussion on Afghan Peace Process

KABUL (Reporterly): Afghanistan Islamic Republic Peace Negotiations Team says Fatima Gailani a member of the team, participated in an online panel discussion on ‘Inclusivity and Diversity in the Afghanistan Peace Process, which was organized by AWEC1991 and UN women afghan.

IRA Peace Negotiations Team in a press release said, a study on women’s active role, especially local women peace builders, in the Afghanistan peace process and peace building, conducted by these two institutions, was introduced.

Ms. Gailani said at the meeting that the studies conducted in the field of peace building would open a clear window for everyone to better understand the situation and capacities in the country.

Referring to the activities of female members of the negotiation team in working committees, she said that the role of other members of the negotiation team in issues related to women’s rights has also been influential and important.

Ms. Gilani praised women’s resilience in the face of problems facing this part of society.

Mentioning Afghan women’s historical role throughout history in conflict resolutions, she said that women play an important role in achieving & sustaining lasting peace, just like men.

Fatima Gailani stressed the important role of women in Islamic countries in the Afghan peace process and the support of Afghan women, saying: “Peace makes sense with the active presence of women, as human rights and women’s rights, war victims’ and minorities’ rights must be acceptable to all parties and should be preserved in the process. She added we would work hard and fight bravely in this regard.

Ms. Gailani mentioned the ongoing and extensive relationship of the negotiation team with women in the country and around the world. She called the support of the international community important and valuable for Afghan women.