Kabul protest spotlights recent killing of 2 women

KABUL (Tolo News): Women activists took to the streets of Kabul city to protest the restrictions on the rights of women, as well as to call attention to the the recent killing of two women. Protestors also said that three high-profile women have been taken into custody by the Islamic Emirate.
Activists claimed the Islamic Emirate used “tear gas” to stop the demonstration. The Islamic Emirate has not made any comment in this regard so far. According to the protestors, three women were taken into detention during a demonstration in the northern province of Balkh. The three women have yet to released, the protestors said.
“(The protest is) for the Sake of Zainab Abdulahi and Zainab Ahmadi, those who were killed in the night without committing any crime,” said a protestor. “While I am alive and have one drop of blood in my body, we will stand, we will fight. The bullet that hit the Hazara Girl’s chest- hit my chest as well,” another protestor said. The demonstration was launched in the Debori area of Kabul and ended in the vicinity of Kabul University.
The protestors expressed anger over the murder of two women in Kabul city. They also claimed that two women were “shot dead by the Islamic Emirate forces.” Earlier, a family claimed that Zainab, a young girl, was shot dead at a security checkpoint while she was on her way home from a wedding party along with other relatives.
The protestors expressed alarm over spiking food prices amid high unemployment in the country, and called on the international community to help Afghanistan. “We want to raise our voices, so that our voices could be heard by the international community, which is against injustice and oppression,” said a protestor. The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly said that it is committed to ensuring women’s rights based on Islamic and Afghan traditional values.