Khawaja Asif tells Afghanistan to dismantle terrorist hideouts

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Defense Minister Khawaja Asif on Saturday voiced grave concerns over the existence of safe havens for terrorists in Afghanistan, urging the Taliban government to take decisive action in dismantling these hideouts as they pose threats to Pakistan’s sovereignty and security.

The concerns were voiced in the wake of recent military operations in the Zhob and Sui areas of Balochistan, where 12 soldiers of the Pakistan Army embraced martyrdom while combating terrorist elements.

The civil and military leadership of Pakistan is increasingly dissatisfied with the measures taken by the Afghan government against Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) and other terrorist groups operating on Afghan soil.

In a statement released earlier, the military top brass also expressed their concern over the availability of “safe havens and liberty of action” to the TTP in Afghanistan emphasising that the Afghan interim government must uphold its commitments made in the Doha agreement and not allow its soil to be used for perpetrating terror against any country.

Defense Minister Asif took to Twitter to rebuke the Afghan government, accusing for neglecting their duties as a neighboring and fraternal country.

He highlighted the long-standing support Pakistan has provided to Afghan refugees, hosting five to six million of them for several decades, ensuring their rights are intact.

However, he criticised the fact that the very terrorists who have shed the blood of Pakistanis find refuge on Afghan soil.

Asserting that the ongoing situation could no longer persist, the minister stated that Pakistan would utilize all possible resources and measures to safeguard its territory and citizens.