Munir Akram says India is weaponizing South Asian region

F.P. Report

NEW YORK: Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations (UN) Munir Akram has said India patronizing terrorism in Pakistan, on Tuesday.

He was addressing the first committee meeting of the UN on Tuesday in New York. Highlighting the anti-peace steps of the Indian government carrying Hindutava ideology, Munir Akram said New Delhi used DisInfo lab to hide its crimes.

The Pakistani envoy said India is weaponizing the South Asian region, as in last year only New Delhi had purchase weapons worth $73 billion. Pakistan desires peace but is ready to thwarter any kind of misadventure from the Indian side, Akram vowed.

He also underlined the need of solving the decades-long disputes between Islamabad and New Delhi for sustainable peace and stability in South Asia.

Earlier, Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mahmood Qureshi had said that India is trying to sabotage the reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

“India is playing a role of a spoiler in Afghanistan,” FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi had said in an exclusive interview Al Jazeera Tv.

He hoped that India will stop spoiling the peace attempts in Afghanistan and the way to reconciliation will be cleared in the neighboring country.