Naqvi directs for immediate redressal of complaints of expats

LAHORE (NNI): Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has issued instructions to the Inspector General Police for immediate redressal of complaints of overseas Pakistanis.
Syed Mohsin Naqvi also issued directions to all officials including all Commissioners, RPOs, Deputy Commissioners and DPOs should spare no effort to redress the grievances of Overseas Pakistanis in the respective cities. “Those who encroach on the property belonging to the overseas Pakistanis will be dealt with iron hands,” Mohsin Naqvi added.
Punjab CM directed the administrative and police officers to personally address the complaints of overseas Pakistanis and submit the report to the Chief Minister’s office every month.
Syed Mohsin added in his directions that the concerned Overseas Pakistanis should be kept regularly informed about the progress made in redressal of each complaint and a time frame should be made for resolving the issues.
He said that every complaint should be dealt with in minimum time.
“Conventional action will not be tolerated on complaints received through portal, phone or mail,” he maintained. He said that the concerned officers in the Chief Minister’s office will also monitor the measures taken to resolve the complaints of overseas Pakistanis. Expats are ambassadors of the country abroad and it is our responsibility to redress their grievances immediately, he concluded.