Over 90,000 Pakistanis left country in August

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: As the country’s economy deteriorates with each passing day, resulting in increased inflation and unemployment, record number of people left Pakistan in August in search of a better future for themselves and their children, on Thursday. 

Adnan Paracha of Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters has said that over 90,000 Pakistanis went abroad in the last month.

Already, he said, 540,000 people had left the country in the ongoing year. “In 2022, 830,000 Pakistanis had gone overseas,” he informed.

Among those who left Pakistan in August in search of greener pastures 232,749 were laborers, 118,172 drivers, and even 5,589 engineers, 5,216 accountants, 2,261 doctors, and 1,012 teachers.

Saudi Arabia is the top choice for most of Pakistanis, with 251,655 heading there for work. The United Arab Emirates comes next with 147,960, followed by Oman (39,901) and Qatar (39,479).

Other countries like Malaysia, Bahrain, Romania, Greece, and Iraq have also attracted Pakistani workers.