Pakistan gives shut-up call to Israel over rights issue

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Power Khurram Dastgir Khan has given a shut-up call to the Middle East aggressor Israel, asking it not to lecture Pakistan over human rights.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday, the power minister wondered how Israel could lecture any country over human rights abuses as the Zionist regime itself is involved in the reprehensible act of constructing illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

He said that first Israel should be accounted for its brutality and cruelty on the innocent Palestinians.

He said Pakistan has never accepted Israel in support of its solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Dastgir said that on May 9, the vandals attacked the State of Pakistan. He said that we should reflect who really got benefitted from the May 9 mayhem.

On Monday, the foreign office termed a statement by Israel at a UN session regarding the human rights situation in Pakistan “politically motivated”.

The rebuttal came after Israel’s Permanent Representative to the UN Adi Farjon said during a sitting of the UN Human Rights Council that the country was “deeply concerned about the overall rights situation in Pakistan where enforced disappearances, torture, crackdown on peaceful protests and violence against religious minorities and other marginalised groups remain prevalent”.

The Israeli envoy further mentioned that Tel Aviv was also concerned over the National Assembly passing amendments in January to tighten the blasphemy law in Pakistan, which she claimed was “often used to target and persecute religious and other minority groups”.

Pakistan’s foreign office rejected comments by Israel on the human rights record while calling out Israel’s “history of oppression” of Palestine.

Pakistan has no diplomatic relations with Israel and has for decades called for an independent Palestinian state based on “internationally agreed parameters” and borders before the 1967 war.

“Several states and civil society organizations commended Pakistan on the progress achieved in promoting human rights.”

“Israel’s politically motivated statement is fundamentally at variance with the otherwise positive tone of the session and the statements made by a vast majority of states,” the foreign office added. “Given Israel’s long history of oppression of Palestinians, Pakistan can certainly do without its advice on protecting Human Rights.”

Pakistan and Israel have never had official relations and successive Pakistani governments have repeatedly said there would be no recognition of Israel without the resolution of the Palestinian situation.