President issues directions to curb civilian casualties

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: Expressing grief over civilian casualties in Helmand, President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday directed the concerned officials to investigate the matter.

According to a presidential office press release available with Afghan Islamic Press (AIP), President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani expressed grief over the death of civilians including women in Nahr-e-Saraj area of Grishk district. He directed the concerned officials to conduct serious probe into the issue and provided assistance to the affected families.

The president directed the security and defence agencies to take care while conducitng operations. He stressed that civilian casualties were not acceptable to the government.

A gathering was held under the chair of National Security Advisor Dr. Hamdullah Mohib to evaluate the security situation of Herat, Balkh and Badakhshan provinces. The participants discussed incidents of civilian casualties in Barmal district of Paktika, Hisarak district of Nangarhar and Kunduz and Laghman provinces.

A delegation probing civilian casualties was demanded to complete their investigating and adopt necessary measures. The participants stressed on formation of a serious plan to curb civilian casualties. They issued necessary directions to the concerned agencies in this regard.

Incidents of civilian casualties increase in the past some time. The government often claims causing casualties to Taliban in these incidents.

Agencies adds: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired the meeting of the High Council for Rule of Law in which some issues discussed, including transferring of the country’s political agencies revenues to the ministry of finance. At the meeting, report about the 1397 solar year budget, issues on the implementation of counter-corruption national strategy and how to resolve the problem of transferring the political agencies revenues to the ministry of finance have been discussed. The President said an investigation was needed to make sure that how much progress has been made in the implementation of laws and what should be done to provide a clear image for the people.

He said the special monitoring secretariat of the counter-corruption national strategy should create a system to constantly investigate all performances, developments and challenges of the administrations. The meeting also asked for using biometric system by different organs and approved the Attorney General Office (AGO) offer about the creation of a regulation to arrange the collection affairs and saving information in the biometric system. At the end of the meeting, the President instructed the ministries of foreign affairs and finance as well as Da Afghanistan Bank to work on creation of a reliable system to ease the problems of transferring the revenues of the country’s political agencies to the ministry of finance. (AIP)