PTI led govt ruins economy: Hoti

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Central senior vice-president of Awami National Party Ameer Haider Khan Hoti on Monday alleged that the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf-led coalition government with organized planning was ruining the financial condition of Pakistan.

This he said while talking to journalists during his visit to Mardan Press Club to congratulate the new office-bearers of MPC. He was accompanied by Mardan tehsil mayor Himayatullah Mayar advocate and other ANP leaders and activists.

ANP leader questioned why the incumbent government passed and bulldozed many bills at the same time recently in the national assembly in so hurry, adding, that what was the reason behind that. He blamed that the relevant federal minister had yet to read out complete written stuff of bills but on other hand, both the national assembly speaker and deputy speaker were giving their ruling of passing those bills. He said that it was not only illegal but also ironical for them.

The ex-chief minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti recalled that the previous government had also inked agreements with International Monetary Fund (IMF) and even drafts of those agreements were discussed and debated by both the treasury and opposition members in the parliament before signing with IMF officials.

Former CM Hoti lamented and deplored that the way and behavior of present rulers were of different type concerning to singing agreements with the IMF officials. He alleged that this act and way of government was totally against the national interests.

‘‘The PTI government has imposed taxes of 350 billion rupees over the countrymen with the purpose to get one billion dollar loan from the IMF which is sheer injustice with people of Pakistan,’’ Hoti claimed. He accused that the PTI government was surrendered before IMF as authority and control of State Bank of Pakistan was handed over to the officials of IMF.

Hoti held responsible the PTI government for gas and electricity shortage and outage. He said that the relevant minister and officials did not purchased LNG on time and now the power was being generated on petrol which was very costly than LNG. ANP leader said that the prices of petroleum products were very high in Pakistan despite of the fact that the price of petroleum items had gone very down in the international market. It was because of heavy imposition of levy taxes on the petroleum products in the country by the PTI government, he added.

Haider Khan Hoti claimed that Khyber Pakhtunkwha province had been producing and generating natural gas more than its requirement. ‘’As per constitution of Pakistan, those provinces have first right of use over the natural resource where it is generated, ‘’ and added that the gas load shedding in KPK province was illegal thaw was why the government must stop gas outage over here immediately.

Former Chief Minister called the recently adopted National Security Policy of the incumbent government as PTI Security Policy or Imran Khan Security Policy. He was of the view that security policies were passed and made inside the parliament, not outside the legislative bodies. He alleged that the selected Prime Minister Imran Khan had made NSP out the parliament which can be called his personal policy, not an national security policy.

Member National Assembly asked the government to point out that who was demanding deal for four members of Sharif family as saying that the federal information minister Fawad Choduary had stated that someone was demanding deal of four sharif family members. He, however, was of the view that holding of fresh general elections was the only solution to internal and external critical crisis and challenges being faced by the country presently. To a question, he claimed that Awami National Party would get majority of seats in the second phase of coming local body elections to be held in the remaining districts of KPK.