Punjab Food authority to ban unpackaged milk in Lahore

LAHORE (Monitoring Desk): To ensure the distribution of clean and fresh milk across Punjab, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has decided to adopt the Minimum Pasteurisation Law, which prohibits the sale of unpackaged milk.

The ordinance will be enforced sequentially across the province, beginning with select sections of the provincial capital.

PFA Director General (DG) Mudassar Riaz Malik announced this on Monday,

He highlighted the importance of adopting international standards to address inferior-quality milk sales.

He remarked that when the law is passed, milk would be easily manageable, and will be accessible in packaged and pasteurized form.

Mobile milk-testing labs are used to conduct checks at the city’s entry and departure points. According to the PFA DG, around 15,000 homes were provided with free milk tests as revealed by a survey.

The DG explained that the delivery of traceable milk will be fulfilled in stages. He indicated that the Minimum Pasteurization Law will be implemented in 2023 and that dialogues with the Gowalla Association and all stakeholders over the delivery of traceable milk are underway.