Qatar offers educational help to world, including Afghanistan: Alkhatar

KABUL (TOLOnews): Qatar’s Assistant Foreign Minister, Lolwah Alkhater, said Doha believes in education and that it provides development assistance in the education sector at the world level including Afghanistan.
In a video released by the Doha foreign ministry on Twitter, Alkhater says at a human rights conference that participants at the education conference on Afghanistan in
Bali agreed that education is a human right and “even a religious” obligation.
“The state of Qatar is at the forefront of countries that provided international development assistance in the education sector in a number of countries including Afghanistan by providing opportunities for both men and women,” she said.
She said that Qatar in cooperation with Indonesia held a conference on the education of women in Afghanistan last year that had participants from more than 40 countries, educational institutions, and other organizations such as the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, European Union, and United Nations.
This comes as the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken in a video message on the 75th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, said that the US condemned the “Taliban’s draconian repression of women and girls in Afghanistan including barring them from universities and secondary schools.”
“The right to education and work has been taken.
The freedom of the people has been taken from them. The non-Taliban are not allowed to contribute to politics,” said Naseer Ahmad Taraki, a political analyst. The Islamic Emirate said that the edicts about women and girls’ education and work are not permanent.
“The Islamic Emirate has not denied the issue of education but it has determined a timeframe—a temporary timeframe—until the preparation is being taken for this and the problems are solved,” said Islamic Emirate’s Spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid.
It has been more than one and half years since the schools above grade six have remained closed for girls.
The Islamic Emirate late last year issued a decree that banned female students from going to universities. The issue faced widespread reactions at the national and international levels.