Residents complain of lack of uniforms on security forces

BADKHSHAN (TOLOnews): Some residents of Badakhshan province told TOLOnews that they are worried about military personnel without uniforms in their province.
Residents of Badakhshan said that it is challenging to distinguish between official military personnel and others due to the lack of uniforms.
According to residents, the distribution of uniforms is a serious need and officials should pay serious attention to the matter.
“They must have uniforms and proper clothes. In every area we go, there is a gun on someone’s shoulder and it stops us. We do not understand who they are and from which region and which field they belong,” said Ahmad Shekib, a resident of Badakhshan.
“Soldiers who work illegally are not wearing uniforms and disturb people in the city and market,” said Khodabakhsh, a Badakhshan resident.
The residents of Badakhshan want the current government to distribute uniforms to the military forces.
“We say to the government that the police should have uniforms. The army must have army uniforms and security must have security uniforms so that everyone knows in which department they are,” said Aslam, a Badakhshan resident. However, the Badakhshan security commander said that the responsible security forces in this province wear military uniforms and the people who are with civilian clothes belong to the local commanders.
“Our soldiers have received their uniforms from the Ministry of Interior. All of them are at the checkpoints with the uniform of the Islamic Emirate. There are units of people belonging to many of the commanders who enter the city, they don’t have uniforms,” said Abdul Wasil Abuzar, Badakhshan province security commander.
The current government’s security officials had previously said that they will distribute military uniforms to all the soldiers of the country.