Retired employees call on IE to pay their pensions

KABUL (TOLOnews): Retirees expressed concern and called on the Islamic Emirate to pay their pensions as they are facing dire economic conditions.
The retirees said that they have not received their pensions for the past two years. Abdul Qadeer, 72, worked for 30 years in the Ministry of Interior.
Qadeer said that he is the breadwinner of his family of ten people.
“We don’t purchase anything. We bought wood—and gone into debt– and have not received the pension. If the pension does not arrive, what will I do,” he said.
There are hundreds of other retirees who have been facing the situation of Qadeer.
They urged the Islamic Emirate to pay their pensions. “It is our right. It (pension) was once put aside from our salaries. We don’t want charity,” said Bori Qol, a retiree.
“I have 14 members in the family. All of them are jobless and are at home. Then, what we should eat,” said Abdul Latif Salamzada, a retiree.
“I have a rented house. I don’t have water. Currently, I don’t have a heating stove and you see the conditions of the electric power,” said Safora, wife of a retiree.
But the Ministry of Finance (MoF) said that the new plan for the payment of pensions for retirees has been finalized by the Islamic Emirate.
“The plan which was formed for the retirees has been passed by the cabinet and has been sent to the office of the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate. Once we receive the instructions from the leader, we will immediately act, accordingly,” said Ahmad Wali Haqmal, a spokesman for the MoF.
Hundreds of retirees have staged protests several times over delays in their payment of pensions but they have not yet received their salaries.