Road accident killed three in Badakhshan

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FAZYABAD (BNA): In a car collision, 3 people lost their lives, and 3 others were injured in Kohistan one of the districts of Badakhshan, said related authorities.
The Badakhshan, head of information and culture, Muazuddin Ahmadi said about the incident to Bakhtar News Agency that the accident took place when a corolla Toyota car headed for downtown Fayzabad to Ragistan district of the province, collided with a motorbike, that killed 3 people.
Including a woman 3 killed and 3 others injured in the incident, Ahmadi added.
The injured were taken to the hospital and medics called the condition of the injured people satisfactory, according to him.
Related authorities blamed the high speed and recklessness of the drivers as the main reason behind the incident.

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