Salman Advocate wins Badminton title of Hazrat Maaz Memorial Lawyers Festival

SWAT (APP): Salman Ahmad Advocate clinched the trophy of the badminton part of the overall Hazrat Maaz Memorial Lawyers Festival organized in District Swat wherein all the members of the Bar Council eagerly participated.
To pay homage and rich tribute to late Hazrat Maaz Advocate, former President of the District Bar Association, Swat, was died due to cancer recently for his valuable services he rendered in keeping all the members of the bars at one platform, a sports festival including games badminton, table tennis and carrom board.
Talking to APP, President Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Badminton Association Zafar Ali, the brother of late Hazrat Maaz Advocate, said that it was a good opportunities for the members of the District Bar, Swat to participate in the healthy sports activities besides paying rich tribute to my brother Hazrat Maaz, who himself was so much active in sports.
He also appreciated young Advocate Salman Ahmad, also the winner of the badminton event, for organizing such a key festival. District Swat lacks such activities but Salman Ahmad Advocate has taken a vital step in holding the festival named after Hazrat Maaz Advocate, who also remained as President of the District Bar, Swat.
He said President District Bar Association, Swat Saeed Khan Advocate formally inaugurated the festival wherein the members of the Bar took part in Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom Board and Ludo events. The ceremony was also attended by Senior Members of the lawyers community of the District Bar Association.
Speaking on this occasion, Saeed Khan Advocate, lauded the members of the organizing committee headed by Salman Ahmad Advocate. Such activities are very productive and healthy for the lawyers community due to their hectic work, he added.
He said District Swat has less sports activities overall but there is no dearth of talent in the Swat youth, both male and female, and if they would provide opportunities these youth could exhibit their talent at the national and international levels.
He said Swat has produced players like Olympian Rahim Khan in Hockey, Rameez and Shah Khan international in table tennis, Imran Khan Junior, Aimal Khan (volleyball), Muhammad Fayyaz in cricket and dozens of other players who excelled at the national and international levels.
Zafar Ali Khan on this occasion said that six to eight players recently represented Pakistan in badminton and visited Malaysia for training purposes. He said with the available resources the youth of Swat, despite face, militancy and insurgency, come up with excellent performances in different Games including badminton, table tennis, hockey, cricket, baseball, netball, volleyball.
He thanked all the lawyers’ community for extending good support to his family and family of the late Hazrat Maaz. It is good to see the members of the bar council actively participating in different sports activities. He said Salman and his team did their hard work for the successful holding of the Sports Festival.
Earlier, in the badminton final Salman Ahmad Advocate defeated Sohail Sultan Advocate by 3-1, the score was 21-19, 22-24, 21-18 and 23-21. The final produced great thrill for the sitting spectators wherein both Salman and Sohail Sultan exhibited classic displays of forceful smashes and good serves.
In the Table Tennis event Babar Naeem Advocate defeated Arsalan Advocate in the final, the score was 11-9, 8-11, 11-9 and 13-11. Asmat Ali Advocate and Hamza Advocate defeated Irfan Ullah and Sami Ullah in the final of the Carrom Board while Ludo Iqbal Idrees Advocate and Zarwar Khan Advocate beat Shakir UIlah and Sajid Khan Advocate by 2-1.
At the end, President District Bar Association Saeed Khan and Zafar Ali along with other guests distributed trophies, cash prizes and certificates to the winners and runners-up. Salman Ahmad Advocate assured the lawyers community for holding the Festival on an annual basis.