Singer who ‘married’ a Victorian ghost announces split

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NEW YORK: Singer’s ghostly romance ends in divorce as Victorian soldier husband turns hauntingly aggressive.

Brocarde, a 40-year-old songwriter and performer from Oxfordshire, who ‘married’ the ghost of a Victorian soldier last year has revealed that they have now divorced.

She announced the split in her song ‘Just Another Anthem’.

Brocarde insisted that she met soldier Edwardo – describing him as “devilishly handsome”— after he “burst” into her bedroom “one dark and stormy night”.

The couple married on Halloween last year, but the artist was annoyed that her husband got too drunk on their honeymoon.

Brocarde posted a video of the ceremony on Instagram where she was seen wearing all black with an empty space where her ghost husband was said to have been standing.

However, what seemed like a supernatural love story soon transformed into a haunting ordeal.

According to Brocarde, the ethereal groom gave way to aggression and unpleasant behavior.

The performer shared, “He grew increasingly more aggressive and nasty and began to haunt me with the sound of a screaming baby.”

As per the 40-year-old, the unsettling presence of the spectral infant left her desperate for a way to sever the otherworldly bond.

The poet also said she tired of Edwardo’s “unsettling fascination” with Marilyn Monroe, claiming that the soldier had a crush on the late iconic Hollywood actress, which began on their wedding day when he spotted the spirit of Monroe in the chapel.

She claims the soldier would disappear for days before returning smelling of Chanel No.5 – the lingering scent of Monroe’s favourite perfume.

Brocarde then returned to the chapel where their ghostly marriage took place, in order to exorcise Edwardo from her mind.