Surges of Cholera concerns residents

SAMANGAN (Agencies): Medics at the Dera Suf public hospital says, the increase of cholera disease, exceeded 250 people in the past few days.
According to a hospital official, the cholera disease is increasing day by day and between 20 and 30 cholera patients are hospitalized in this hospital every day, and there are two deaths.
Cholera is an acute diarrheal disease caused by Vibrio cholera and a scientific type that humans are infected with and this disease is highly contagious, he said.
“If the Samangan Public Health Department does not take care of the hospital in Suf, the mortality rate of this disease will increase and a great human tragedy will occur,” officials at the province says.
Meanwhile, Mullah Mohibullah Behari, head of public health in Samangan, says: “A six-member staff team with the health officials of the UNICEF office has been sent to Dara Suf district for sampling and chlorination of drinking water, and this team is responsible for protecting people from dangers.
Added that It is better to make people aware of cholera and provide basic health care to local people and villages.
In the meantime, Sheikh Fazlullah Saqib, the governor of Dara Suf district, appreciated the round-the-clock efforts of the Samangan Public Health Department and called the cholera disease unprecedented in this district.