UNICEF has called for US$410 million assistance to help low-income countries with availability of Covid-19 vaccines

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ISLAMABAD, Feb 24 (APP): United Nations International Fund for Children (UNICEF) has called for US$410 million assistance to help low-income countries with in time logistics and availability of Covid-19 vaccines, therapeutic and diagnostic tools in 2021.

UNICEF has estimated a funding gap of US$133 million to cover in-country vaccine logistics and the required cold chain equipment for the poorest 92 countries.

Coronavirus antidote required ultra cold chain facility to survive varying temperatures during its transportation to maintain its efficacy till administration to the targeted population, said a document of UNICEF.

“With the imminent arrival of globally approved COVID-19 vaccines, we can begin to see signs of hope. But hope will not be restored by the vaccine alone,” said an official of the UNICEF.

The countries needed urgent technical and financial support to strengthen their capacities for cold supply chains, train healthcare workers, and work with communities in combating misinformation and building trust in vaccines, he added.

The Official worried that without urgent funding and support, many of the poorest countries still risk to be left behind to overcome the contagion outbreak.

The Covid-19 vaccine availability, logistics and safe administration has become an uphill task in the prevailing environment of misinformation, propaganda, crumbling economies due to lockdown and public indifference to get vaccinated, he added.

Courtesy: APP