US national intelligence reviewing the issue of bounties on its soldiers in Afghanistan

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON DC: On February 3rd, State Department has revealed that the issue of “bounties of U.S soldiers in Afghanistan is being comprehensive reviewed by the director of national intelligence.

United States has expressed serious concern over the worsening situation in Burma. U.S has also called for respect for democracy and rule of law.

The spokesperson of State Department commented that President Biden and Secretary Blinken have said, the United States is deeply concerned by the Burmese military’s detention of civilian government leaders, including State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, and civil society leaders.

U.S State Department official stated that after a review of all the facts, we have assessed that the Burmese military’s actions on February 1st, having deposed the duly elected head of government, constituted a military coup d’etat.

While reaffirming U.S commitment, spokesperson mentioned that the United States will?continue to?work closely with our partners throughout the region and the world to support respect for democracy and the rule of law in Burma, as well as to promote accountability for those responsible for overturning Burma’s democratic transition.

Furthermore, the United States has also congratulated Israel and Kosovo on formally establishing diplomatic relations.

Calling it a “historic day”, the spokesperson stated that the deeper international ties help promote stability, peace, and prosperity in both regions. When our partners are united, the United States is stronger.

United States will stand by Kosovo as it continues to move forward on its Euro-Atlantic path, the spokesperson remarked.

While digging deeper into the Burmese military coup, State Department spokesperson maintained that according to the annual Department of State Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriation Act, it contains a recurring provision that restricting certain assistance to the government of a military.

He added that, duly elected head of government is deposed by a military coup d’etat or decree, or a coup d’etat or decree in which the military plays a decisive role.

While highlighting the Bilateral Assistance to Burma by U.S. spokesperson Price commented that, the United States is providing nearly 135 million in bilateral assistance to Burma in FY2020.

He also commented that this assistance will be reviews because of the current circumstances, spokesperson mentioned that we’re going to work expeditiously to determine the implications for Burma’s military leaders for their actions and there is a small sliver of that foreign assistance that would actually be implicated.

Furthermore, the State Department spokesperson also addressed the issue of increasing Russian and Chinese threat he stated that, whether it is restoring democracy in Burma, whether it is holding Russia to account, whether it is competing and ultimately outcompeting with the Chinese, everything we do will be more effective if we are to bring our allies and partners along with us.

He mentioned that U.S focused on likeminded allies and partners in responding to recent events in Burma, the coup in Burma. While mentioning the issue of Navalny, he added that President Biden as Commander in Chief has issued a tasking to the Intelligence Community for its full assessment of Russia’s malign activities.

Price commented that these activities include the SolarWinds breach, Russian interference in the 2020 election, Russia’s use, applicable in this case, of chemical weapons against Mr. Navalny, and the alleged bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

That review is ongoing. The director of national intelligence is overseeing that review.

Those are our  those are the concerns that of course undergird that review and that we’ll weigh in determining next steps, he mentioned.

Additionally, Price also hinted that U.S wll carefully look into the matters of deteriorating human rights situation in Russia, what has happened with Mr. Navalny specifically, what has happened with the mass detentions of those who have bravely taken to the streets in the aftermath of Mr. Navalny’s arrest.

Furthermore, while shedding light over the issue of Palestine, Ned Price commented that, the United States does intend to restore humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people.

Globally, our humanitarian assistance provides critical relief, such as emergency food assistance, health care, education, he added, the suspension of aid to the Palestinian people has neither produced political progress nor secured concessions from the Palestinian leadership. It has only harmed innocent Palestinians, Price added.

The United States will reinvigorate our humanitarian leadership and work to galvanize the international community to meet its humanitarian obligations, including to the Palestinian people, he said.

Regarding Iran, U.S State Department spokesperson commented that, If Iran comes back into full compliance with its obligations under the JCPOA, the United States would do the same, and then we would then use that as a platform to build a longer and a stronger agreement that also addresses other areas of concern.

While talking about the Syrian Conflict, Ned added that, “when it comes to Syria, look, we will renew U.S. efforts to promote a political settlement to end Syria’s civil war in close consultations with our allies, our partners, and the UN. A political settlement must address the underlying causes that led to nearly a decade of civil war”.

He commented that, “We will use the tools at our disposal, including economic pressure, to push for meaningful reform and accountability, and we’ll continue to support the UN’s role in negotiating a political settlement in line with UNSCR 2254”.

Furthermore, State Department spokesperson remarked that U.S urges Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure against Taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan’s democratically elected leadership.

He further added that, “We are in serious competition with China”.

While commenting on the strategic competition, he added that, Strategic competition is the frame through which we see that relationship.

We know that China is engaged in a range of conduct that hurts American workers, it blunts our technological edge, it threatens our alliances and influence in international organizations, and China is engaged in gross human rights violations that shock the conscience”.

While commenting on sanctioning Burmese military and Russia, Price added that “When it comes to additional sanctions against the Burmese military, as President Biden has said, the United States will take action against those responsible, including through a careful review of our current sanctions posture”.

Furthermore, Price commented that, “When it comes to Trevor Reed and Paul Whelan, we continue to be seriously concerned over the treatments of American citizens Paul Whelan and Trevor Reed. Both men traveled to Russia as tourists, were arrested, and were then convicted without credible evidence”.

On the other hand, Price addressed the issue of Israeli-Palestine stating that, while we support normalization between Israel and countries in the Arab world, it’s also not a substitute for Israeli-Palestinian peace, and that’s very important.

While concluding Ned Price remarked that, “We hope that as Israel and other countries in the region join together in a common effort to build bridges and create new avenues for dialogue and exchange, these efforts contribute to tangible progress towards the goal of advancing a negotiated peace between Israelis and Palestinians”.