Where We Are Going Today: The Maine Mayfair bringings a taste of London to Riyadh

Rahaf Jambi

The Maine Mayfair is a London-based restaurant that opened a pop-up in Al-Murabba Zone during Riyadh Season.

Its original location is near Hyde Park in London. The menu features British and contemporary cuisine, serving popular traditional dishes from all over the world with a modern twist.

The restaurant, with its meticulous attention to detail, from its enthusiastic staff to the interior design, is bringing a taste of London to Riyadh.

The venue features a stage for live music performances, while round tables are gathered at the center, under a large chandelier.

As for the food, everything can be shared or enjoyed individually, whether you opt for a steak cooked to perfection and served with fluffy chips, the truffle pasta, or — my personal favorite — the Dover sole meuniere.

For a good pasta dish, choose the lobster tagliolini, which is made with paprika cream and parmesan.

The chocolate mousse, rich and light, is a perfect way to cap off your dining experience.

Visitors to the Riyadh branch must make a reservation at The Maine Mayfair restaurant via The Chefs app, which costs SR300 ($80) per person.

Courtesy: arabnews