Women seek stringent action against Islamabad Police

F.P Report

PESHAWAR: Women folk of tribal areas have demanded of the federal government to take stern action against police personnel deployed at Islamabad for their rude and discriminatory behavior with them during 9th October rally.

Lashing out at PML-N led federal government for using police against peaceful rally’ Naheed Afrid an office bearer of Takra Qabaili Khwendi, while speaking at a news conference said that the march towards capital was for legal and constitutional rights of deprived segment of the country known as Fata.

She flayed the federal government for utilizing police officials against peaceful marchers for their rights and saying the alleged personnel tortured and beaten females in rally. The alleged attitude and behavior of police men with women from Fata is condemnable and relevant authorities need to bring them into justice, she urged.

However, the Fata merger rally was amicably heading towards D. Chowk from Islamabad press club on 9 October when this incident took place, Naheed informed.

She added that participants of rally were not expecting harsh response from Islamabad police as the rally was peacefully proceeding towards its destination. If the federal government cannot afford to attend to minute rally that gathered for the rights of Fata peoples than the prospect of Fata future seems bleak, she remarked.

Miss Afridi further said that it is indeed a condemnable act of federal government that mobilizing state apparatus for curbing small congregation gives strength to the disenchantment of federal government over solving Fata enigma.

She demanded that strict action should be taken against the involved police and an apology on the part of interior minister for its no response on the matter.

Meanwhile other magnified figures of TQK Ayesha Mohmand, Sakeena Mohmand, Laila Shahnawaz, Sana Ijaz and Jameela Gilani were also present on the occasion.