1000s of war-displaced families return home

KABUL (Tolo News): Families which were forced to leave their homes during the 20-year conflict are returning to their villages in the Shinwari area of Nangarhar. Shinwari is a large area located alongside the Durand Line in Nangarhar. The area is comprised of six districts including Spin Ghar, Nazian, Achin, Haska-Mina, Dor Baba and Ghani Khel.
The displaced families include the residents of Asadkhel of Spin Ghar district who were forced to leave their homes after the US dropped the “the mother of all bombs,” to target Daesh tunnels. TOLOnews’ Sadaqat Ghorzang visited the village, saying that “the mother of all bombs” has left destruction and ruin in the area.
Nasir Khan, a resident of the village, said that he returned home after a period of two years. He said that many homes in the village have become ruins. “No one has the capability to reconstruct their residences. When the mother of all bombs was used here, dozens of residences were destroyed,” he said.
The relentless conflict has inflicted heavy financial loss in addition to human casualties in the districts of Shinwari, according to the residents. “We call on the Islamic Emirate and international community to consider our situation and help us. There is no clinic and school here’ said Khan Por, another resident.
The provincial department of refugees said it has been attempting to provide assistance to the residents of Shinwari districts. “We are in contact with foreign organizations to provide help for schools, clinics and dams for agriculture,” said Dunia Gul Shinwari, deputy head of the Nangarhar refugee’s department. The Islamic Emirate has launched a process to transfer the war-displaced people back to their home areas. But the families complained about the lack of support and aid, which makes life difficult back in their home areas.