Alternative education: Bamiyan girls set up a handicraft workshop

BAMIYAN (TOLOnews): More than 20 girls who have been deprived of education have set up a handicraft production workshop in Bamiyan at their own expense.
They said that providing for living expenses of their families and providing job opportunities for other girls who are deprived of education are among their goals.
“We wanted to gather those who stayed away from school and university; they had studied, but they did not learn a craft, they were sitting at home, and were very sad,” said Masooma Mohammadi, a businesswoman.
“I was in the twelfth grade when I met Mrs. Amina, and she gave us the motivation to start this work,” said Saliha Ali Zada, a businesswoman.
These girls say they are worried about the lack of a suitable place, the lack of facilities, and a market for selling their handicrafts, and they asked the current government officials and private institutions to cooperate in meeting their needs.
“We don’t have the equipment, there are women who sew, but they don’t have advanced tools, they don’t have proper facilities, they are facing problems, they cannot do their work quickly,’ said Massona Nazari, a trader.
The head of information and culture of Bamiyan said women’s handicraft products are important and announced the creation of exhibitions to market their handicrafts in this province.
“We work for them in the field of marketing, if major exhibitions are held in Kabul, we will display the handicrafts of these female workers of Bamiyan province so that they can earn money,’ said Safiullah Zayed, head of the Information and Culture department in Bamiyan.
According to the information of officials, hundreds of women in the center and districts of Bamiyan are engaged in the production of handicrafts, and in this way they provide for the living expenses of their families.