Annual saffron exhibition organized in Herat province

HERAT (TOLOnews): The annual exhibition of saffron, with the participation of women and girls, has been held in the western province of Herat.
The exhibition runs for two days.
The amount of saffron has doubled this year, according to the farmers, but the lack of good markets for their crops still remains a challenge.
“Our only concern is exportation. The gates of all countries are closed against us,” said Abdul Razaq, who sells saffron.
“Our products are better than last year but, unfortunately, there are problems with exportation and we don’t have direct flights,” said Mohammad Juma, who sells saffron.
The exhibition includes a total of 37 booths.
More than 80 percent of saffron is farmed by women in Herat.
“Taking part in this exhibition is a big achievement for the traders,” said Rohida Rahmani, a participant.
The Union of National Saffron Businesses said there are yet to be proper means provided to export saffron.
“There are obstacles in the way of exporters. It has been promised that this issue will be considered,” said Basheer Ahmad Rashidi, head of the union.
“The quality of saffron increases each year. This year, the saffron has great quality,” said Basheer Ahmad Ahmadi, head of the provincial department of agriculture, irrigation and livestock.