Birote residents demand provision of basic rights

M. Bilal Baseer Abbasi

ABBOTTABAD: Residents of Birote Khurd area of Abbottabad blocked the Khaqan Abbasi Murree-Kohala bridal road and demanded the provision of basic human rights.

Hundreds of protesters are demanding for the basic fundamental rights of the Birote Khurd. They have marched on main road which connects Islamabad and Murree with Muzaffarabad, along which hundreds of people commute every day to work in the capital.

The commuters were facing problems after the protestors blocked the main Khaqan Abbasi Murree Kohala. “I have been stuck up on the road for the last one and a half hours because of this mess,” said a commuter, an employee of a pharmaceutical firm who spoke to The Frontier Post from the traffic jam where he was late for reach at the destination.

“The protesters have genuine demands. Authorities should deal with them with sessions and with deliberations,” said Ahmad Hussain, another commuter who had been struggling to reach his home in Kashmir.

“Either the authorities should resign or accept our demands which are genuine: we will not leave this place forever though, we are temporarily backing foot to our homes and will come back if work will not commence on this proposed projects with in due times. We will lock down on this main Rawalpindi Murree Kohala (RMK) road which is backbone for Pakistan and Kashmir”. Waqas Qudoos Abbasi, president of the development movement, told media at the protest site.

Abdul Rehman Abbasi, social activist said at the occasion that approximately Birote Khurd area has population of 15,000 which means they are paying 25 crore tax annually. It is the government basic responsibility to provide the health, educational and infrastructural facilities in all areas which is unfortunately not fulfilling here. If you can find a way to jam up a highway literally have the city have a heart attack, blocking an artery it causes people to stand up and pay attention.

Highways still perform their historic role from a half-century ago. They help people move very easily across these elaborately segregated landscapes.”

In last, the protesters were dispersed by local police through negotiations. DSP Gallies Jamil-u-Rehman and notables of the area assured them that their demands will brought in the attention of authorities concerned and will find the solution soon.