Child labour – Sajal Aly speaks her heart out

KARACHI (Web Desk) : Pakistan’s acclaimed actor Sajal Aly has raised her voice against the child and domestic labour.

The Angan actor, in her video message, urged everyone to report the incidents of child labour to the authorities concerned as it is condemnable.

Sajal Aly has sent out a heartfelt request to protect children from being forced to perform labour days after the wife of a judge was accused of brutally torturing a 14-year-old domestic worker in Islamabad.

“For the love of God, please stop torturing small children and making them work or perform labour. It is wrong. Child labour is wrong. It is illegal under all the labour laws,” she said.

She appealed to everyone to report the child labour to the authorities immediately.

The Sinf-e-Ahan star said that the people must work together to pressurise the authorities and protect children. It is their age to play and study. It is not the age of doing labour, she added.

Sajal’s video message was also shared by senior actor Nadia Jamil who also shared a strongly-worded message condemning the abuse of children.

Taking to Twitter, Nadia wrote: “The problem is we often don’t know a child is being kept as a servant/slave in a house, so there is no way to know if the child is ok, are they providing him/her with an education?

“You and [I] both know the truth. Often these tiny children are made to carry rich babies, clean rich people’s homes, and serve them.

“They are beaten, starved, and deprived of an education! An education is their constitutional right and their religious right.

“Remember, poverty alleviation is not the job of innocent children. Robbing them of their childhood is criminal. Too many of our children suffer. Too many.

Let’s all be part of their solution. Please. Please speak up and report people who are making children work for them.”

She also lauded Sajal for having a strong civic sense.

Earlier this week, a 14-year-old domestic worker was brutally tortured by her employer, who was the wife of a serving judge.