Estimated Afghan job loss 700,000 to 900,000: SIGAR

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) said that the total job losses since the Taliban takeover is projected to reach between 700,000 and 900,000 by mid-2022. SIGAR in an earlier report warned of increasing unemployment in Afghanistan.
“A record-high 89% of Afghans surveyed said their local economies were getting worse, 75% reported not having enough money for food in the previous 12 months, and 58% reported they did not have enough money for adequate shelter,” SIGAR said citing Gallup’s recent survey (conducted August–September 2021).
TOLOnews spoke with laid-off workers who lost their jobs after the fall of the former government.
Lutfullah was working in a ministry, but he is now obliged to work as a taxi driver to make an end meets.
“We are seven people. This taxi is not mine. I pay 300 Afs to the owner and just make barely 80 to 100 for myself,” he said. “Women are particularly impacted, with female employment levels projected to decrease by 21% by mid-2022, compared to levels before the Taliban takeover. Women accounted for 17% of Afghanistan’s labor force in 2020,” SIGAR said in a report. “The economy has deteriorated in Afghanistan. All women who have no breadwinner. They are the breadwinner of their families. Unemployment has caused a lot of problems,” said Nazifa Azimi, a former employee of the Ministry of Women Affairs.
This comes as the Ministry of Economy said it has plans to overcome the economic challenges. “The Ministry of Economy has some specific strategies for creating job opportunities that are meant to attract humanitarian aid, strengthen the private sector and small business in short and long term plans,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, deputy Minister of Economy. Based on available numbers from the Ministry of Public Works, the rate of unemployment was more than 18 percent in 2020, however, it is expected to be now largely increased.