Taliban arrests six people for allegedly excavating historical sites illegally

Badghis (Tolo News): Six people have been arrested in Badghis province on grounds of illegal excavation of ancient sites and smuggling of historical relics, according to Taliban provincial security officials.
The men were arrested by Taliban intelligence forces on Wednesday, June 15, while digging and excavating in the Kariz area of Badghis province’s Qadis district, according to the Bakhtar news agency.
The men had procured a weapon and two antiquities detectors, according to Baz Mohammad Sarwari, the Taliban’s Director of Information and Culture in Badghis province.
During the initial interrogations, the detainees confessed to excavating and smuggling artifacts, according to Sarwari.
The Taliban arrested four persons in Badghis last week on charges of antiquities excavating and trafficking.
The Taliban have increased their control of mine mining and historical site excavation, vowing to address the issue head on if anyone defies the law.