Governor visits Jahanzeb’s house expresses condolence

PESHAWAR (APP): The Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Haji Ghulam Ali on Sunday expressed his condolences to the father Jahanzib, and grandfather Senior Journalist Hazrat Khan Mohmand, of the late Danyal Zeb, who was tragically murdered.
The Governor visited their home here and said this heartbreaking and regrettable incident has deeply saddened him and the area. Governor Haji Ghulam Ali emphasized that such incidents cannot be tolerated and affirmed that strict action will be taken against those responsible and no leniency will be shown to those involved in such incidents; they will face the consequences of their actions.
Highlighting the importance of maintaining peace and security in the province, the Governor reiterated, “Our province is already grappling with security challenges, and we cannot afford to let such incidents further disrupt the peace.
He said that the local police are actively investigating the incident and are determined to apprehend the culprits swiftly.
The occurrence of such an incident within the city is an affront to our law enforcement efforts, and we will not rest until justice is served,” Governor Haji Ghulam Ali added.
He said that we will ensure that individuals responsible for such actions are not allowed to escape justice by hiding in their homes.
He said that the tragic incident has spurred discussions about the need for improved security measures and stricter enforcement of the law to curb such incidents in the future.
Governor Haji Ghulam Ali remains committed to upholding peace and security in the region and taking decisive actions to prevent any reoccurrence of such distressing events.