Islamic Emirate bans women’s beauty salons in Afghanistan

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Islamic Emirate’s leader in a new verbal decree banned women’s beauty salons in Kabul and other provinces across the country, a spokesman for the Ministry of Vice and Virtue, Mohammad Akif Mahajar, told TOLOnews.
The Ministry of Vice and Virtue also ordered the Kabul municipality to bring the new decree of the Islamic Emirate’s leader into effect and cancel the licenses of women’s beauty salons.
“The men are jobless. When men cannot take care of their families, the women are forced to work in a beauty salon to find a loaf of bread. If they are banned there, what can we do?” said Raihan Mubariz, a makeup artist.
“We will not get out of the home if men (of the family) have jobs. What can we do? We should starve to death, what should we do? You want us to die,” said a makeup artist.
This comes as the Islamic Emirate has banned girls and women from going to schools, universities and working at NGOs as well as going to public areas such as parks, cinemas and other recreation areas.
“The government should make a framework for it. The framework should be in a way that neither Islam would be damaged nor the country,” said Abdul Khabir, a resident of Kabul.
The imposition of restrictions on Afghan girls and women by the interim government has sparked reactions at both the national and international level.