Kabul eyes to deepen ties with Turkey

KABUL (Agencies): Afghanistan eyes strengthening friendly relations with Turkey, the country’s national security adviser said during a meeting with the Turkish ambassador in the capital Kabul.

In a little over a week since taking charge, Turkey’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Cihad Erginay met with a number of top Afghan officials, assuring them of Turkey’s continued support for the peace process and development in the war-weary country, Daily Sabah reported.

National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib’s office tweeted after the meeting, stating that Erginay expressed Turkey’s continued partnership and support to Afghanistan. Earlier this month, President Ashraf Ghani hailed Turkey’s efforts for peace in Afghanistan as the country witnessed a surge in Taliban assaults following a brief truce. At the request of the US, Turkey pledged to host a high-level international peace conference on Afghanistan in April, but the Taliban declined to attend, forcing Ankara to postpone it.

Instead, a trilateral conference of Pakistani, Afghan and Turkish foreign ministers was held on April 23 that called on the Taliban to return to the negotiating table and resume peace talks. At the end of the meeting, all three countries deplored the high level of violence in a joint declaration and emphasized an immediate, sustainable and comprehensive cease-fire as a prerequisite for creating a conducive atmosphere for the success of peace talks. The three also reiterated their commitment to a peaceful, sovereign, independent, democratic and united Afghanistan.