MoHE ‘clustering, revising’22 master’s degrees

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) announced the clustering and revision of twenty-two master’s degrees in the fields of engineering and agriculture. According to Abdul Rauf Farahi, the head of curriculum at the Ministry of Higher Education, the review was carried out in collaboration with ministerial authorities and professors. “In these curricula, we have used what is needed for our society and that progress has been made in those fields in other world societies, and we also used what can be adapted in our country,” Farahi noted. “With our cooperation, we were able to include many cases that are really important in this cluster,” said Azim Jan, a representative of sectorial ministries. Some academics who were present when these programs were clustered and revised said that some of these programs had been removed and other programs had been added to the academic curriculum. “They added an important subject which is hydrogeology,” said Aminullah Faqiri, university professor. Meanwhile, Neda Mohammad Nadim, the acting minister of higher education, promised to address all problems in the educational field. “We have told the chancellors of the universities in all zones to specify your needs, and whatever your needs are in the laboratory and book department, we are ready to cooperate,” Nadim continued. This comes as the Ministry of Higher Education said that all this ministry’s curriculum would be revised, and that master’s and doctoral programs have begun at the nation’s institutions.