Naila Kiani becomes first Pakistani woman to summit Nanga Parbat

ISLAMABAD (INP): Renowned Pakistani mountaineer Naila Kiani has added another feather to her achievements as she became the first Pakistani woman to scale Nanga Parbat on Sunday.

Naila Kiani was among a group of about 40 climbers including foreigners attempting to summit the Nanga Parbat, also known as the ‘Killer Mountain’ due to its high fatality rate.

The 8,126-metre mountain has a daunting and treacherous ascent along with the risk of unstable glaciers, avalanches and storms.

Other Pakistani climbers in the group were Wajidullah Nagar and Samina Baig.

Naila Kiani’s summit was confirmed by Secretary Alpine Club of Pakistan Karrar Haidri. “Today on July 2, 2023, at 10:18 am, Naila Kiani scaled the majestic Nanga Parbat, standing tall at an inspirational height of 8,126 metres,” Haidri said.

“She did this to become the first Pakistani woman to climb Nanga Parbat. Naila has now ascended seven of the enormous 8,000-metre peaks on the planet, establishing her as one of the most talented climbers of our time.

“The legendary Everest, the difficult K2, the commanding Lhotse, the perilous Annapurna, the elusive G1 and the G2 are just a few of the mountains she has conquered before.

“Numerous mountaineers and adventure fans all over the world are inspired by Naila Kiani’s unwavering resolve, unmatched abilities, and unwavering attitude. She serves as a bright example of how people can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.”

Earlier, Sajid Sadpara, who is a noted Pakistani mountaineer, had successfully climbed Nanga Parbat without the help of supplementary oxygen and sherpas.