Pakistan’s vision for regional peace

President Dr. Arif Alvi said that Pakistan was again showing its commitment to global cooperation as Pakistan Navy organizes multinational Exercise AMAN 2021. While congratulating the participants for being part of this flagship event, the President said that the naval exercise, being participated by 45 naval forces, was line with the Government of Pakistan’s vision for regional peace and stability.

The flag hoisting ceremony was carried out at Pakistan Naval dockyard Karachi Yesterday. Admiral Naveed Ashraf, Commander Pakistan Fleet underscored that around 45 countries have gathered for the Multinational Maritime Exercise AMAN-21, with one commitment of making seas safer for positive human activities and increasing number of participants reflects growing trust in the value of the exercise. Pakistan is looking forward developing professional relationship among the participants of the AMAN-21. The motto of the exercise is “Together for Peace” which clearly depicts the purpose of this world forum, provides a platform for collaborative maritime security and collective efforts for maintaining good order at sea remains the spirit of the AMAN series of exercises.

Pakistan is expressing its will for peace and peace full co-existence at all forums ranging from Political outreach, international diplomatic engagement and multinational militarily engagements. This is clearly illustrated from the statements of Pakistan top leadership during recent past.

Starting from General Qamar Javed Bajwa, COAS’s speech at PAF Academy Risal pur two weeks back, COAS said that Pakistan is a peace-loving country that had rendered great sacrifices for regional and global peace, it stood firmly committed to the ideal of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence. Army Chief said that It is time to extend hand of peace in all directions. COAS emphasized that Pakistan and India should also resolve the longstanding issue of Jammu and Kashmir in a dignified and peaceful manner as per the aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir and bring this human tragedy to its logical conclusion. General Bajwa underscored that how-ever, we will not allow anybody or any entity to misinterpret our desire for peace as a sign of weakness. Armed Forces of Pakistan are fully capable and prepared to thwart any threat.

Three days later to COAS statement, Prime Minister Imran Khan repeated similar stance in his speech to a Kashmir Solidarity day public meeting at Kotli, Azad Kashmir on February 5, while inviting Indian Prime Minister Modi for dialogue at Kashmir dispute, he said that Pakistan is ready for talks but our desire for peace must not be misinterpreted as our weakness. The naval exercise AMAN-21 is another endeavor for international peace and cooperation in military domain. The Aman-21 is an illustration of peaceful military collaboration in the face of India’s four nations naval exercise Malabar, which aims at securing hegemonic control and supremacy in the regional waters.

Besides, these political and military efforts to secure and maintain peace in the region and beyond, Pakistan is not overlooking its military preparedness to thwart any aggressive attempt by the enemies of peace. Pakistan proud defense forces remained committed to their professional preparedness activities through out the year and our scientists and engineers stay engage in their research and development (R& D), upgradation and improvement in conventional and nuclear capabilities of the country. Pakistan Air Forces conducted Exercise Shaheen-IX in collaboration with China Peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) in the recent days. Pakistan Navy has completed its annual fire drill few weeks back and currently engaged in multinational Exercise AMAN-21. Pakistan Army’s Special Services Group (SSG) is undertaking a bilateral training exercise ATATURK-XI, with Turkish Special Forces in KPK. Pakistan Army Strategic Forces Command had conducted successful flight test of cruise missile Babur-IA last week. All these engagements clearly demonstrate the Pakistan commitments and capabilities to defend its sovereignty. After having said that, India must realize that it can neither intimidate Pakistan nor subjugate Kashmiris through its unilateral and illegal actions in IIOJK. It has only one choice, come to negotiating table to resolve all longstanding disputes with Pakistan including Kashmir issue.