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Polio team assaulted in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD (INP): Unidentified people assaulted a polio vaccination team in Heerabad Qureshi area of the city on Tuesday after a reported disagreement by the family to get their children vaccinated.

The anti-polio team did not have a police escort with it. Following the incident, the vaccination campaign was suspended in the area.

Police officials said the incident was caused after male members of a family began arguing with a polio team that had administered vaccination drops to eligible children.

Polio officials Naveed, Kainat and Jannat claim they had the family’s permission to administer the vaccine but were assaulted by the male members as they did not want their children to take the drops.

Following the incident, police arrived on scene but the attackers had left. However, police detained two people, reported to be brothers of the attackers, and are investigating the case after lodging a report on the complaint of the polio team.

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