Shikarpur: Police foil sugar, urea smuggling to Afghanistan

SHIKARPUR (INP): Police during an action at the National Highway seized 26 trucks loaded with sugar and urea in Shikarpur on Sunday.

The raid was carried out at the National Highway by the New Fojdari police station cops on a tip-off. During the action as many as 350 tonnes of sugar and 11,254 urea bags were recovered.

The sugar and urea were to be smuggled to Afghanistan, the police said and added that the seized sugar and urea are being transferred to the food department.

A countrywide crackdown is underway against the smuggling on the orders of the caretaker government.

In February Mochko police in Karachi during checking of a passenger coach found 150 bags of urea that were illegally being smuggled to Afghanistan via Balochistan.

In a raid in Quetta, the Customs department seized huge quantities of urea in Quetta.

A spokesperson for the department said that 300 bags of urea and sweet supari (betel nuts) worth Rs60 million were seized during a search of container and trailer at the Lakpas Chckpost of Customs in Quetta.