Smuggling continues from Borki check-post

Anwar Shah Orakzai

PARACHINAR: The federal government introduced border management system with Afghanistan last year with the aim to regularize the cross-border movement but still the smuggling was continue at Borki check-post of Kurram agency.

The sources told The Frontier Post that smuggling of different was continue with the assistance of political administration as the officials were taking Rs 4000 from each person while crossing the border at Borki check-post and the officials allowing the smugglers to transport their different items.

The smuggling of different items was causing millions of rupees to government treasury. The sources added that the smugglers continuously transporting illegally different items including weapons, food items, vehicles parts, animals and others.

The political administration allowing the smugglers on this check post without properly checking the documents and allowing to passing through the custom department and taking Rs 4000 from them as a bribe.

While contacting the political Muharrar of the Borki check-post, Rajab Ali, he rejected the allegations and claimed that the movement at border was continue as per the rules and regulations.